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Every month we focus on one specific area in your life with the help of world class trainers.

Marisa Peer

"The Rules of The Mind"

August 18th | 12pm New York Time | 19pm Tallinn Time









Jim Kwik



"Identity and Character"

September 9th | 12pm New York Time | 19pm Tallinn Time

Who you are in the world has a major impact on how you get to live. Creating a clear sense of identity, and plan for developing that identity over time is key to creating a life that the future you will be proud of.

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"Profession or Career"

October 15th | 12pm New York Time | 19pm Tallinn Time

Most people spend a third or more of their waking hours on their profession or business. At Better You we are all about helping people achieve a career that feels like play; helping them build a profession or business that lets them spend the highest possible amount of time loving their work.

About the Better You Academy

Most of us want to live a happy and meaningful life and succeed in all areas of our lives. Unfortunately you can’t learn how to do it in school. This leaves so many people unknown of who they truly are and what their gifts in this world are.

Better You Academy is here to help you unleash your true potential and to become better and better every day to live the life you dream.

Joining our life changing Better You membership, you will meet and be trained by world-class trainers, have private mastermind group sessions with like-minded peers and gain access to our constantly growing video library.

Meet Your Trainers

Eric Edmeades

Eric Edmeades

Accomplished entrepreneur, author and the architect of several highly effective and transformational seminars, workshops and retreats around the world.

Suffering for most of his teens and early 20’s with severe allergies, sinus troubles, throat infections and acne, he was only weeks away from a surgery to take out his tonsils when a friend of his urged him to attend a personal transformation seminar.

That seminar ended up not only clearing up 10 years of chronic symptoms but it changed everything he believed about health and food.

Since then it has been his life’s passion to help people wake up to the reality that, in terms of health, they are off course. That the human and financial cost of our current way of life is far too great.

John Gray

The author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, John Gray is arguably the best selling and most influential relationship author in the world.

The number one bestselling hardcover book of the nineties, Mars/Venus was listed by USA Today as number six among the most influential books of the last quarter century.

With his books now translated into approximately 45 languages in more than 100 countries, Dr. Gray has appeared many times on Oprah, as well as on The Dr. Oz Show, TODAY, CBS This Morning, and Good Morning America.

Profiled in Time, Forbes, USA Today, TV Guide, and People, he was also the subject of a three-hour special hosted by Barbara Walters.

John Gray
Raymond Aaron

Raymond Aaron

New York Times Top 10 Bestselling Author

Raymond Aaron has committed his life to teaching you how to dramatically improve your life. Raymond transforms your life and income by helping you tap into your own potential.

Raymond has traveled the world delivering over 5,000 speeches in 5 continents for over 40 years teaching his unique methods to branding, doubling your income and creating wealth.

He is the author of 139 books, including Branding Small Business For Dummies, Double Your Income Doing What You Love and the New York Times best-seller Chicken Soup for the Parents Soul and the Canadian best-seller, Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul. 

If you are fortunate enough to get into one of his programs, he will transform your life.

Janet Bray Attwood

The co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, “The Passion Test-The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose,” and “Your Hidden Riches – Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose.” She is also co-author of “From Sad to Glad: 7 Steps to Facing Change with Love and Power.”

As an expert on what it takes to live a passionate life, she has presented her programs as a featured speaker to hundreds of thousands of people around the world including, The Dalai Lama, Sir Richard Branson, T. Harv Eker, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Stephen Covey, Brendon Burchard and others.

Janet Attwood
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Marie Diamond

Marie Diamond is one of the world’s top transformational leaders, speakers, and bestselling authors. A renowned voice on Law of Attraction, she is a 'Seer' in a modern context and the only European star featured in the worldwide phenomenon The Secret.

Marie merges her profound intuitive knowledge of Energy and the Law of Attraction, with her studies of Quantum Physics, Meditation, Feng Shui, and Dowsing to transform the success, relationships and inspirations of individuals, organizations, and corporations.

Shelly Lefkoe

Shelly Lefkoe is co-founder of the Lefkoe Institute (TLI). Her clients are people who've struggled with changing long-standing behavioral and emotional issues such as procrastination, fear and relationship issues.  She helps clients worldwide identify the root causes of their problems - limiting beliefs.   She has an approach to eliminate these beliefs that's been validated by independent research from the University of Arizona.   So far her Lefkoe Institute has helped over 17,000 individuals in one-on-one work with individuals and corporate clients to make lasting changes to behavior and emotions.  The process itself has reached over 150,000 people worldwide.  Shelly is a keynote speaker and workshop leader.

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Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer is the Creator of the multi award winning RTT and founder of I am, international Best-selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Personal Development Expert & Leading Celebrity Therapist. She has nearly three decades of experience as a therapist and has been named Best British Therapist by Men's Health magazine and featured in Tatler's Guide to Britain's 250 Best Doctors. Marisa uses her experience of treating clients including rock stars, CEOs, elite Olympic athletes, royalty and Oscar-winning actors to inform her life-changing speeches and lectures. She has been voted best speaker at numerous conferences including The Mastermind Group London and the Women in Business Superconference, Awesomeness Fest 2015 and The Royal Society of Medicine. In 2015, Marisa launched her Marisa Peer Method School, teaching her unique method for the first time to audiences in London, Canada, the US and Australia.

Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik, his real name, is the widely recognized world expert in memory improvement, brain optimization and accelerated learning. After a childhood brain injury left him learning-challenged, Kwik created strategies to dramatically enhance his mental performance. He has since dedicated his life to helping others unleash their true genius and brainpower. He is host of the top education training podcast Kwik Brain and instant NY Times bestselling author of “Limitless - Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, Unlock Your Exceptional Life.” His mission: No brain left behind.


Jim Kwik

Your Annual Curriculum: Are YOU ready?

Every month we focus on one specific area in your life with the help of world class trainers. Step by step developing to a better you.

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Health & Fitness

Every aspect of your quality of life is impacted by your health. Too often people sacrifice their health for "money and things". Learn cutting edge information about how to feel younger and have more energy from the world's top health experts.

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Romance & Relationships

Finding, creating, navigating and keeping your romantic relationships is one of life's great mysteries. Each February, we bring you the latest information about how attract and keep the most amazing and compelling relationships.

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Finances & Investing

Money isn't everything but it sure does seem to make many things easier. We provide a full spectrum of financial education including wealth psychology, increasing earning potential and, of course, effective investment strategies.

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Social Connection 

Humans are social animals and while we live in the most connected times in history too many people feel alone. Learn powerful skills for attracting, creating and building great social relationships that add to your sense of fulfillment and connection.

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Environment & Conditions

Your living, work and playing environments have a significant impact upon your health and quality of life. Learn how to create space around you that helps you feel good, be productive and live the most amazing life possible.

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Family and Parenting

Family can be a source of incredible strength or tremendous stress. Our faculty will share powerful strategies, communication techniques, and information that will help you forge better family connection and raise functional, independent children.

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Fun & Adventure

At Better You we feel that life is supposed to be fun. We will share powerful and effective techniques and strategies for having more fun in your life. More fun at work. More fun at home. And more fun all around.

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Spiritual & Emotional

Each year, in August, we will turn our focus to spiritual development and emotional management. Learn effective strategies that will help you develop real mental toughness, emotional awareness and a deeply centered way of being.

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Identity and Character

Who you are in the world has a major impact on how you get to live. Creating a clear sense of identity, and plan for developing that identity over time is key to creating a life that the future you will be proud of.

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Profession or Career

Most people spend a third or more of their waking hours on their profession or business. At Better You we are all about helping people achieve a career that feels like play; helping them build a profession or business that lets them spend the highest possible amount of time loving their work.

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Vision & Life Purpose

Living without a clear sense of Vision or Purpose is like going out for a Sunday drive; you might enjoy it for a while but you will get nowhere at all. Each November we guide our members through powerful visioning processes that help them lay the foundations needed to make sure that each year ahead is improvement over the last one.

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Contribution & Giving

People will most often do more for others than they will for themselves. Each December we work with our members to find constructive and effective ways to pay forward the success they are achieving. Effective giving of time, money and resources can be worth highly rewarding and incredibly motivating.

Better You Membership

A carefully crafted personal development plan that will make sure that the current year will be the best year of your life so far. Based on a powerful annual curriculum we hold Live training & Q/A video calls, mastermind meetings and powerful live events. As a member you gain access to our video library, where we host all the recordings of training and events.

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LIVE training & Q/A

Every month, we host online training with world class trainers who expose their expertise based on the monthly theme. Be prepared to self-grow like crazy and ask questions directly from the top!

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Mastermind sessions

Join our private community of like-minded peers with whom you will have monthly online mastermind sessions to meet, learn and grow all together.

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Live Events & Seminars

We bring you the very best live events in every corner of the world so that you can both connect with other co-fellows and learn directly from our world class trainers.

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Unlimited Access to Video Library

We will record most of our events and trainings and make it accessible through an online video library. No worries if you can't participate on time, you can catch up later and grow at your own pace.


Better You membership is life-changing, guaranteed

  • Imagine what could happen when you spend some time every month working on important areas of your life? How much more could you achieve by that?
  • Imagine having access to the very best trainers and mentors in the world to guide you through the process?
  • Imagine having amazing like-minded peers from all over the world who support you and hold you accountable to achieve your dreams and goals?
  • What if you have had access to all of it for the past 5, 10, 20 or more years? Would your life be different today?
  • It’s never too late. Start now and unleash your true potential with us.

What Our Members Say

Harri Parker


Lead Engineer

"I have been looking for a community to belong and Better You Membership has given me that. Members are very supportive and have brought out best in me, they have guided me to believe in myself. You do not need advice, just somebody asking the right questions. For that purpose, the Private Facebook Group and Monthly LIVE Masterminds are perfect. With new topics every month I have learnt something new and interesting that I can actually put in practice. My biggest win was the health month as I have completely turned around my relationship to food and have not felt better ever."

Daisy Pello


Director of Communications and Marketing

"In one point of my life I realized that people around me were not supporting my growth anymore. Felt that they did not fully understand what I was talking about and going through. Some even gave feedback that I am talking about and doing weird things. Fortunately I found Better You Membership and now I finally feel that I have a community of like-minded peers from whom I can regularly ask for constructive feedback regarding self development and thoughts. At the moment I am very happy and I feel that my life is moving in the right direction at the right pace. :)"

Kay Ellen Van Scheers


Health Coach, Registered Nurse

"I am so appreciative of the Better You Academy for this month's Parenting topic. So much came clear to me. I hadn't realized just how much my daughters mean to me and how much I feel that I’ve let them down. Yet, the way Shelly shared the 5 limiting beliefs made me realize that I did the best I could with my daughters from my life's experience at that time. Shelly’s insight has helped me see how I can bolster my daughters’ self-esteem, courage, and power even as adults! Thank-you Better You Academy and Shelly Lefkoe."

Thomas Kessler


Head of Merger Integration

"The Better You Membership has given me a great resource and mastermind opportunity to stay course following planning my life for 2020 after completing the Azaya program with Eric Edmeades. I am very happy to have this as a source to get additional input and at time be enabled to course correct. Without it some objectives that I planned for may not have come to life, specifically while being in lockdown. The team is fantastic and has helped me to balance the need to see reality while striving for my ideals."

Max Amanu



"Better You Academy has taught me that life is holistic and if you want to improve yourself you must improve in different areas simultaneously. I used to focus on my financial situation only but it turns out that you cannot be successful until you have other areas of life sorted out as well. Be it your supportive environment for example or health or relationships. You really don't know what you're missing until you will find it and Better You Academy has definitely shown me that."

Sille Vahaste-Pruul


Marketing Specialist

“I like to learn and try to constantly develop myself. Being part of the Better You Academy gave me a chance to develop myself in different areas of life, not only in one limited field. Thanks to the Academy self development is always in focus for me. So far there has been so much valuable knowledge in various topics, but my personal favorite has been The Habit Paradox Course that gave a powerful tool to develop good and valuable habits for me. Of course, it takes time and work with myself, but the journey is interesting and the progress that I see in myself is motivating.”

Ambika Devi

Ambika Devi

Meditation Jedi, Astrologer, & Author

"When I first learned about Better You Academy, and was offered the opportunity to join the community I said Yes! Anything having to do with Eric is a big Yes for me. I love learning and Better You gives me the opportunity to learn from experts each and every month and also be part of a mastermind where I can share and bounce ideas off of like minded people. I think it's a fantastic place to be a part of."

Helina Kalda

Helina Kalda


"Joining Better You Academy has dramatically changed my understanding about relationships, parenting and nutrition. John Gray’s Masterclass was a real eye-opener to me. I did not know about the specific hormonal differences between men and women which drive the dynamics of the romantic relationships. This helped me to improve my relationship with my husband. I’m also thankful for the Masterminds which have given me many new friends and the possibility to reflect my personal development progress and get new insights."


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